Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello all!

Update over the past….let's say….few months:

* Our happy family of four is growing to five, come August!

* Our happy family of one daddy, one mommy and two sweet boys is growing to one (proud) dad, one (prayerful) mom and THREE sweet boys!

* We had one dead rat in our bathroom ventilation….yes….it was just glorious! :-/Thankful for parents to house us while we found a way to him. And beyond thankful for a husband to search high and low, despite bugs, spiders and smell to conquer the nasty thing. My hero!

* A new laundry room floor was put in….due to rat…

* We enjoyed a great, relaxing spring break which included seeing our great friends, the Berryessa's!

Besides the highlights, our days have been filled with routine and blessings. I can't complain! :-)

Funny little story…..I did something I never thought I would the other morning. I came out of my room, dressed for Easter, and asked my two little men, if my jacket matched with the rest of my outfit. WHAT?!? A grown women asking an almost 5 and 2 1/2 yr old if an outfit looked ok? Who does that? I will never forget the look on their faces! But Kellen looked at me sweetly and said, "Mom, you look great!" And with that, we walked out the door….

Heres a few pictures to make you smile.

On our way to Easter Service! And yes, we are in the church 12 passenger van. My boys would love to have this as our own personal vehicle. I, on the other hand, would not. ;-)
Kellen, lookin sharp!
Easter Morning. And yes, they are matching! How could I not? :-)

1st slurpees ever! Not sure why I waited so long to share this goodness....
Sharing sweet secrets with Grammy
Get cuter!
I think Kellen was the only one excited to help daddy find the "rat"! Don't worry we didn't send him down under the house...
Big boy Austin
Kellen likes to take pictures of his toys on my phone to show his friends :-)
So grown up!
"Baby news" collage

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stationery card

Oh Holy Night Religious Christmas Card
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dedicated to Erika!

Updating this blog has been hovering in my peripheral thoughts for weeks now and the Lord has used a great friend to make me face this "task"! (Though it is a great outlet, I always remember, as I begin). So this post is dedicated to Erika!

As a mom to her adorable and perfect newborn second son, she FB'ed me asking for my blog address to catch up on the Rhoden happenings during the late nights. It was great to see that she remembered my blog but then it hit me....I had no clue as to what my blog's address was. Not a good thing for a so called blog writer. I knew I had to face my blog head on and not only look up my website but write something. ;-)

So Erika, Thank you for the sweet and needed encouragement to actually get my "blog" on. You are in my prayers these next months as you transition to from one to two. Give yourself tons of grace, enjoy watching movies with Nolan as you nurse Nielson for what seems like hours, sleep when they sleep, remember you are not alone and above all enjoy! You are a phenomenal mom, married to a great and supportive hubby, with all the resources (physical, emotional, spiritual and heaven sent) that you need! I can not wait to meet your new little man! Blessings on you! I love you my dear friend!

*As for us Rhodens, we are doing great! After my trip to visit Andi, Michael and my ah-may-zing niece, Riley (blog about that to follow) we are ready to stay put for a while and are excited for the holidays and all the fun that brings! We are so thankful for all that God is doing and love this time in our lives. Kellen and Austin continue to bring so much joy. I swear, if we could bottle up Austin's "cuteness" we could be rich. Kellen, almost daily, asks when he can ride the school bus to school, I tell him when he is a little taller (how do you explain a year to kids) and I still don't have the heart to tell him that he won't ride the bus to school, ever. :-) Ok, that is a little extreme, but this mama is having a hard time imagining him at school, let alone on a bus. Oh Jesus, help me.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Yard work day!

Their first car!

Today is memorial day and we have had a nice relaxing day. Ryan has been in Haiti with the Anthem group the last few days so this morning started with my parents heading over for breakfast! Dad made pancakes and Kellen's favorite, egg in a hole. We then decided that with the sun making a rare appearance, to get our "exercise on" and walk up Roxyanne. It was a great walk and the boys loved the hike, picking up rocks and the gorgeous view of Medford. Well, they might of not noticed how gorgeous it was but liked watching the planes fly into Medford.

As I write, the boys are now outside digging for worms and bugs. A regular activity. Yesterday, Kellen brought in a snail. He was so proud, but I promptly told him to go and put him back where he found him. I came outside a few minutes later and found him digging the snail out of his home. He had snail pieces, slime and whatever else they consist of all over his hands. I tried to keep my composer and not scream in disgust. As I walked him into the kitchen and began scrubbing his hands, I asked him why he wanted to do that, and his answer made me smile, calming my nerves. "I just wanted to see what the inside of his house looked like." I think he expected to see bedrooms and a bathroom all tucked in there. :-) This mama is still getting used to the fact that boys like to dig in dirt, carry gobs of worms in their hands and pull snails apart. At least he told me today that he was going to put the worms in his pocket and keep them. I don't have to tell you what my answer was. I know it comes with the territory and there is nothing more sweet then when I am outside and I look over and see the two of them bent over with heads touching, pulling up rocks to discover the treasures that await them.

I love my life.....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kellen!

4 years ago you were placed in my arms for the first time and I was forever changed. I had no idea how much joy and life you would bring to my life, your dad's life and the lives of everyone you meet. You have a way about you that is a gift to many! Not a day goes by that I am not THE proudest to be your mom and I thank Jesus for the opportunity your dad and I have to raise you to become the man of God he has started in you! I love you, Kellen. XOX

One of our donut date mornings!

Birthday boy!!!

"Cruisin" around with Vanessa!

♥ And as we were driving home from our Easter/Birthday celebrations today, you told me that, "Jesus froze from the grave and is alive!" It melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes, you are grasping the deep things of our God....we just need to work on your wording! :-)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello friends! Here are a few pictures from the last few months...

Austin and his shoe loving little feet. He is always finding shoes and putting them on. Doesn't matter if they are mine, Ryan's, Kellen's, or a visiting friend, if there out, they will be worn. It is pretty cute and always makes us smile as he is scuffling around the house. In this picture he is wearing one dressy shoe and one running shoe, both Kellen's, both on the wrong feet. :-)

We had a visit from my cousin, Aubre and my aunt Carol, last week! It was so great to see them, but of course, the boys brought out toys and books to remind them that THEY had priority. No arguement from us! Carol loved getting in snuggles and love from her little men.

Mama getting in lots of love and hugs from her boys after a week away!

Austin is growing up so fast! He is saying a few words, mostly understood by myself or Ryan, and is wanting to do all the grown up things. He helps me feed Toby, helps me clean up his tray, helps me clean up his toys and LOVES to brush his teeth! He is a joy to our family!

For a week, Ryan and I enjoyed the sun, warm breezes and views like this as we relaxed on the beaches in Oahu! No responsibility, no kids, no schedules. It was incredible!!!!

Kellen and Austin getting into shape! (I think Austin is wearing a random shoe, too)

Our adorable little man!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2010 Christmas card

20 minutes....thats all I need to give to this blog for it to be updated on a regular basis. Why does it not happen? Well, I could go on and on with excuses but who needs those? :)

We are alive, kickin and still loving life in the Rhoden household. Ryan has been gone for a few days up in Portland with the Anthem students, spending time with our great friends the Berryessa's! Drew has been teaching/ministering to the students and we always know and expect great things from this week. As much as I miss going on some of these trips, I do get the chance to watch some girl movies (Julie and Julia :) ) and of course the "little" men in my life make up for it! Today, as I was sitting on the floor hanging out, Kellen sat in my lap and within 30 seconds, Austin was pushing him over, looking for his spot too. Before a fight broke out, I scooted and moved them around til they were both happy, on mama's lap! Melted my heart!!!

Time's up! Until my next free 20 minutes.....