Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello all!

Update over the past….let's say….few months:

* Our happy family of four is growing to five, come August!

* Our happy family of one daddy, one mommy and two sweet boys is growing to one (proud) dad, one (prayerful) mom and THREE sweet boys!

* We had one dead rat in our bathroom ventilation….yes….it was just glorious! :-/Thankful for parents to house us while we found a way to him. And beyond thankful for a husband to search high and low, despite bugs, spiders and smell to conquer the nasty thing. My hero!

* A new laundry room floor was put in….due to rat…

* We enjoyed a great, relaxing spring break which included seeing our great friends, the Berryessa's!

Besides the highlights, our days have been filled with routine and blessings. I can't complain! :-)

Funny little story…..I did something I never thought I would the other morning. I came out of my room, dressed for Easter, and asked my two little men, if my jacket matched with the rest of my outfit. WHAT?!? A grown women asking an almost 5 and 2 1/2 yr old if an outfit looked ok? Who does that? I will never forget the look on their faces! But Kellen looked at me sweetly and said, "Mom, you look great!" And with that, we walked out the door….

Heres a few pictures to make you smile.

On our way to Easter Service! And yes, we are in the church 12 passenger van. My boys would love to have this as our own personal vehicle. I, on the other hand, would not. ;-)
Kellen, lookin sharp!
Easter Morning. And yes, they are matching! How could I not? :-)

1st slurpees ever! Not sure why I waited so long to share this goodness....
Sharing sweet secrets with Grammy
Get cuter!
I think Kellen was the only one excited to help daddy find the "rat"! Don't worry we didn't send him down under the house...
Big boy Austin
Kellen likes to take pictures of his toys on my phone to show his friends :-)
So grown up!
"Baby news" collage


  1. Love your post and pics. It's been very eventful for you all lately. Glad all is well and (in case i haven't said it) Congratulations! :)

  2. Hooray for another addition to Boyville! I will be begging for your expert boy advice come August too! :)